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Powerful Teaching Strategies and Techniques For Teachers

Teaching Techniques

Teaching is one of my favourite professions and I always love to teach what I know. Below we have mentioned some teaching techniques in a very easy way so that you can learn how to teach professionally and how to deliver your lecture using the best method, let us learn these techniques and provide quality education to the students.

Powerful Teaching Strategies and Techniques For Teachers

Act upon the following two techniques of teaching while teaching:

  • Five Ps
  • Firstly, specify it then generalize it.

Five Ps

There are five (5) Ps that you will act upon while teaching. The first “p” of the five ps stands for “planning”; the second “p” stands for “preparation”; the third “p” stands for “presentation”; the fourth “p” stands for “practice” and the fifth “p” stands for “production”. It means the teacher has to plan first, what to teach; after planning a topic, he has to prepare himself about the topic; after preparing himself he has to think about the presentation, and he has to think about the practice.

While practising, “the production” comes automatically in the shape of answers from the students.

Firstly specify it and then, generalize it

Definition: Firstly specify it means, first of all, the teacher teaches them the specific usage of “the topic” which is present in the unit.

Then, generalize it means, after teaching the specific usage, teach them the other usages of the topic of the topic which are not present in the unit but you (the teacher) have information about them.

The following are the most important points in teaching:

  • Echo
  • Feeding
  • Appreciation


“Echo” is related to “voice” The voice has the power to make a person active, energetic and fresh; the voice can make the body of the person or an animal numb; Sometimes you might have observed that when you listened to any melodious song or music, your body might have gotten numb or your tired body might have become fresh; what was the power which made your tired body fresh or made your body numb? Of course, it was the voice that made your tired body fresh or made it numb.

Sometimes you might have seen a sleeping snake becoming active and starting dancing and attacking; what is the power that makes the sleeping snake active and energetic? Of course, it is the same “voice” of the instrument that the charmer plays; in the same way, the voice of the class teacher also plays a significant role in the class; if the voice of the teacher is bold and loud and always present in the shape of echo the class becomes active and energetic like the sleeping snake and tired body; if there is absence and lack of teacher’s voice, the class gets bored and lazy.

Note: There are two ways of developing “echo” in the class:

  • The first way is, while writing on the board, you (the teacher) read out your words loudly to create an echo.
  • The second way is, while practising, when a student makes a sentence or answers your question, appreciate him or her to create an echo.


Feeding plays a key role in teaching provided that the teacher knows “feeding” means, “put food in the mouth of a child” but in teaching “feeding” means, (you) teacher put the words or the answer in the mouth of the student which you want him to say. It means, that when your “teacher” asks a question or something from a student and when he does not know, he looks towards you silently and innocently, you (the teacher) understand that he does not know; now you put words one by one in his mouth so that he (the student) should say the words which you want him to say; when he repeats your words, appreciate him and you and you (teacher) double the same to create echo; after your doubling, once again ask the same student to say the same words again; when he repeats it, appreciate him in the way, he is encouraged.


Appreciation encourages the students; appreciation is a reward in words for the students. When a student makes a sentence or answers a question, appreciate him by using any one or two or three of the following adjectives;

  • Wonderful
  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Very nice
  • Brilliant
  • Nice
  • Superb
  • Great
  • Marvellous
  • Fantastic
  • Magnificent

I hope you have got this lesson helpful and you understood how to teach and provide students with quality education. Teaching professionally is one of the best thing teachers should know. Using these 5 Ps of Teaching we taught you in this blog, your teaching method will be wonderful and helpful.

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