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Best 5 English Newspapers for Learning English in 2024

5 English Newspapers for Learning English

Since childhood, our teachers have taught us to read different English newspapers to learn English easily. Reading newspapers helps you enhance your vocabulary bank and learn different helpful structures, for this purpose, we are going to share with you links to international newspapers. I have personally used these newspapers to improve my English skills and I always recommend these newspapers to my students. Learning English from a newspaper is aa fun wat and everyone of you can many vocabulary words and get so many daily used structures.

5 English Newspapers for Learning English

1) Dawn Newspaper
If you are familiar with Pakistani newspapers and you are interested in reading a Pakistani newspaper, Dawn is one of the best and suggested newspapers.
Students should focus on the editorial rather than the news. In this newspaper, the writers use their best skills and write in different ways which help the students learn new structures and build their vocabulary.

2) Hindustan Times
It is an Indian newspaper and writer write with their best skills.

3) Al Jazeera
This is an international newspaper that is regularly published in Qatar. This newspaper shows independence and daily writes on different topics.
Structures and different phrases are used perfectly while writing this newspaper which makes this newspaper more beautiful and suitable for its readers.
Find different phrases from this newspaper and write them down with their Urdu meanings.

4) CNN
This is an American newspaper and a website that publishes international news daily.

5) The Guardian
This is a UK-based newspaper, students can benefit from the advanced structures used in this newspaper. This newspaper is particularly recommended to get the best British vocabulary used in this newspaper.

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