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Ornaments Vocabulary in Urdu and English

Ornaments Vocabulary in Urdu and English

Ornament Vocabulary is like having a vocabulary bank that we use to describe different beautiful things people often wear. We use ornaments to look beautiful and impress others, most people like to wear different kinds of rings, necklaces, earrings etc these all are called ornaments in English and we should know this vocabulary to name different ornaments and jewellery in English. These words will also help us better speak English while going shopping.

Ornaments Vocabulary in Urdu and English

These are the names of commonly used ornaments with their Urdu meanings and correct pronunciations. Learning these words is as important as learning other basic vocabulary. So lets scroll down and learn amazing list of ornament with Urdu meanings.

Diamond ہیرا ڈائمنڈ
Necklace نیکلس ہار
Nose-ring نوزرنگ نتھ
Coral کورل مونگا
Ruby روبی لال پتھر
Ear stud ایئراسٹڈ کان کا بندہ
Chain چین زنجیر
Turquoise ٹرکوئز فیروزہ
Bangle بینگل چوڑی
Silver سلور چاندی
Head-locket ہیڈ لوکٹ ٹیکہ
Zircon زرکون زرکون
Wristlet ریسٹ لیٹ کنگن
Topaz ٹوپاز نیلم
Belt بیلٹ کمربند
Hair pin ہیئر پن بالوں کی پن
Ring رنگ انگوٹھی
Garland گارلینڈ مالا
Sapphire سیفائر نیلم
Pearl پرل موتی
Nose-pin نوزپن لونگ (ناک کی)
Brooch بروچ کانٹاساڑی کا
Bracelet بریس لیٹ بریس لیٹ
Opal اوپل دودھیاپتھر
Clip کلپ چمٹی
Jewelry جیولری جوہرات
Tops ٹاپس ٹاپس
Crown کراون تاج
Medal میڈل تمغہ
Anklet اینکلیٹ پازیب
Emerald ایمرلڈ پنا
Quartz کواٹز بلور
Armlet آرملیٹ بازوبند

Ornaments Vocabulary in Urdu and English

We wear different ornaments in our functions and different special occasions and we often want to name these ornaments but we can’t, keeping in mind the need of a common person we have prepared this lesson so that they can learn a list of new and common words used in our daily routine about ornament.

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