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Birds Names in English and Urdu | Parindon Ke Naam

Birds Names in English to Urdu List

In this blog, you are going to discover birds names in English and Urdu. Birds are a part of our beautiful nature and in our daily life, we discuss different beautiful birds. When we learn English we have to learn about different things and learn vocabulary related to different topics daily. Bird names in English and Urdu help you learn amazing vocabulary related to birds with their Urdu meanings and add some amazing vocabulary to your English dictionary. Speak these names of birds aloud in English and understand their meanings so that you can pronounce their names correctly.

Birds Names in Urdu

Let us explore birds’ names with their Urdu meanings and name the beautiful birds around you.

s/no Birds Urdu Hindi/Roman
1 Robin روبن Robin
2 Falcon شاہین Shaheen
3 Parrot طوطا Tota
4 Bat چمگادڑ Chamgadarh
5 Sparrow چڑیا Chiria
6 Pigeon کبوتر Kabootar
7 Finch اٹکس Atax
8 Peacock مور Mor
9 Chicken چوزہ Chuza
10 Eagle عقاب Uqaab
11 Crow کوا Kauwa
12 Eagle باز Baz
13 Sparrow hawk باشا Bashaa
14 Kite چیل Cheel
15 Crane سارس Saras
16 Swan ہنس Hans
17 Owl الو Oolu
18 Heron بگلا Bagla
19 Kingfisher رام چڑیا Ram chiria
20 Dove فاختہ Fakhta

21 Mynah مینا Maina
22 Vulture گدھ Gid
23 Dove فاختہ Fakhta
24 Quail بٹیر Batair
25 Tomtit پدڑی Padrhi
26 Nightingale بُلبُل Bulbul
27 Ostrich شٗترمرغ Shutur murgh
28 Osprey ماہی خور عقاب Mahi khir uqab
29 Gull مرغابی Murghabi
30 Goose ہنس Huns
31 Skylark چکور Chakkor
32 Hornbill ابوقرن Abu qirn
33 Lark چکوک Chakok
34 Turkey فِل مرغ Fil murgh
35 Raven پہاڑی کوا Pahari kawa
36 Swallow اوڑی Aurhi
37 Warbler واربلر Warbler
38 Blackbird کالاپرندہ Kala parinda
39 Plover لمبی ٹانگوں والا پرندہ Plover
40 Kestrel پروین Parveen

Birds Names in English to Urdu List PDF

Here we have mentioned the 40 most common birds names with Urdu meanings and below we are providing you a PDF lesson so that you can learn this list of birds vocabulary later.

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