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100 Verbs in English and Urdu Part 1

Verbs in English and Urdu

Welcome back to muftenglish in t this blog we are going to learn 100 Verbs in English and Urdu Part 1 which has been collected specially for our students to help them learn English staying at-home verbs help us speak English quickly.

100 Verbs in English and Urdu Part 1

جائز قرار دنا Authorize Authorized Authorized
کشش کرنا Attract Attracted Attracted
تصدیق کرنا Attest Attested Attested
شامل ہونا Attend Attended Attended
حملہ کرنا Attack Attacked Attacked
منسلک کرنا Attach Attached Attached
یقین دلانا Assure Assured Assured
شامل کرنا Associate Associated Associated
حمایت کرنا Assist Assisted Assisted
پوچھنا Ask Asked Asked
پہنچنا Arrive Arrived Arrived
گرفتار کرنا Arrest Arrested Arrested
ترتیب دینا Arrange Arranged Arranged
مسلح کرنا Arm Armed Armed
اُٹھنا Arise Arouse arisen
پکڑنا Apprehend Apprehended Apprehended
مقررکرنا Appoint Appointed Appointed
درخواست کرنا Apply Applied Applied
داددینا Applaud Applauded Applauded
ظاہر ہونا Appear Appeared Appeared
درخواست کرنا Appeal Appealed Appealed
جواب دینا Answer Answered Answered
مالش کرنا Anoint Anointed Anointed
اعلان کرنا Announce Announced Announced
غصہ کرنا Anger Angered Angered
تجزیہ کرنا Analyze Analyzed Analyzed
متحیرکرنا Amaze Amazed Amazed
چوکس ہونا Alert Alerted Alerted
خطرے کی خبردینا Alarm Alarmed Alarmed
تبدیل کرنا Alter Altered Altered
اجازت دینا Allow Allowed Allowed
بانٹنا Allocate Allocated Allocated
سہارادینا Aid Aided Aided
خطاب کرنا Address Addressed Addressed
عادی کرنا Addict Addicted Addicted
جمع کرنا Add Added Added
عمل کرنا Act Acted Acted
حاصل کرنا Achieve Achieved Achieved
قبول کرنا Accept Accepted Accepted
گالی دینا Abuse Abused Abused
خلاصہ کرنا Abstract Abstracted Abstracted
ترک کرنا Abandon Abandoned Abandoned

100 Verbs in English and Urdu Part 1

بھنبھنانا Buzz Buzzed Buzzed
خریدنا Buy Bought Bought
بوجھ اٹھانا Burden Burdened Burdened
مکھن لگانا Butter Buttered Buttered
دفنانا Bury Buried Buried
پھٹنا Burst Burst Burst
جلنا Burn Burnt Burnt
تعمیرکرنا Build Built Built
نشونماپانا Bud Budded Budded
کودنا Buck Bucked Bucked
برش کرنا Brush Brushed Brushed
اجازت دینا Brook Brooked Brooked
لانا Bring Brought Brought
چمکانا Brighten Brightened Brightened
پُل باندھنا Bridge Bridged Bridged
رشوت دینا Bribe Bribed Bribed
توڑنا Break Broke Broken
پھلانگنا Bounce Bounced Bounced
دُکھ دینا Bother Bothered Bothered
قرض لینا Borrow Borrowed Borrowed
سوراخ کرنا Bore Bored Bored
بُک کرنا Book Booked Booked
ابالنا Boil Boiled Boiled
دُعا دینا Bless Blessed Blessed
ملانا Blend Blended Blended
بھڑکنا Blaze Blazed Blazed
للکارنا Blare Blared Blared
الزام دینا Blame Blamed Blamed
کاٹنا Bite Bit Bitten
باندھنا Bind Bound Bound
موقع تلاش کرنا Bide Bided Bided
منسوب کرنا Bestow Bestowed Bestowed
جھکانا Bend Bent Bent
تعلق رکھنا Belong Belonged Belonged
گرجنا Bellow Bellowed Bellowed
یقین کرنا Believe Believed Believed
برتاؤ کرنا Behave Behaved Behaved
شروع کرنا Begin Began Begun
پیداکرنا Beget Begot Begot
درخواست کرنا Beg Begged Begged
ہونا Become Became Become
خوبصورت رکرنا Beautify Beautified Beautified
شکست دینا Beat Beat Beaten
برداشت کرنا Bear Bore Born
نہانا Bath Bathed Bathed
لڑائی کرنا Battle Battled Battled
پابندی لگانا Ban Banned Banned
توازن ہونا Balance Balanced Balanced
ضمانت کرنا Bail Bailed Bailed
تھیلا بھرنا Bag Bagged Bagged
سہارادینا Back Backed Backed
لے کرآنا Bring Brought Brought
ادھارلینا Borrow Borrowed Borrowed
دفنانا Burry Buried Buried
بلانا Call Called Called
خاموش رہنا Calm Calmed Calmed
منسوخ کرنا Cancel Canceled Canceled
قبضہ کرنا Capture Captured Captured

Verbs in English and Urdu

Verbs in Urdu and English

English Verbs List

Verbs in English with Meanings in Urdu

I am sure you  have learned many verbs with their Urdu meanings and three forms and now you can make hundreds of English sentences using these 100 verbs. 

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