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100 Verbs in English and Urdu Part 2

Verbs in Urdu and English List

Let’s learn 100 Verbs in English and Urdu Part 2 In the English language, verbs serve as the backbone of the English language which helps in better communication. They are the action words that create sentences forward, conveying actions, emotions, and states of being. In this article, we will learn a list of verbs in English and Urdu, and we are trying to make you able to speak English and learn some amazing verbs with their meanings.. Whether you are a teacher or a student this lesson will help you learn some amazing and useful verbs with Urdu meanings which will help you make different kinds of sentences and express your thoughts or actions.

100 Verbs in English and Urdu Part 2

Verbs help us make sentences without verbs we cannot make a single sentence below is a list of very important verbs in English with their meaning and forms.

100 Verbs in English and Urdu Part 2

Meaning 1st Form 2nd Form 3rd Form
کاٹنا Cut Cut Cut
علاج کرنا Cure Cured Cured
رونا Cry Cried Cried
کراس کرنا Cross Crossed Crossed
نکتہ چینی کرنا Criticize Criticized Criticized
بنانا Create Created Created
رینگنا Crawl Crawled Crawled
بربادکرنا Crash Crashed Crashed
ڈھانپنا Cover Covered Covered
گننا Count Counted Counted
اصلاح کرنا Correct Corrected Corrected
نقل کرنا Copy Copied Copied
بدل ڈالنا Convert Converted Converted
معاہدہ کرنا Contract Contracted Contracted
جاری رکھنا Continue Continued Continued
مقابلہ کرنا Contest Contested Contested
شامل کرنا Contain Contained Contained
خرچ کرنا Consume Consumed Consumed
سازش کرنا Conspire Conspired Conspired
مشتمل ہونا Consist Consisted Consisted
غورکرنا Consider Considered Considered
فتح کرنا Conquer Conquered Conquered
حیران کرنا Confuse Confused Confused
تصدیق کرنا Confirm Confirmed Confirmed
تسلیم کرنا Confess Confessed Confessed
اہتمام کرنا Conduct Conducted Conducted
تعزیت کرنا Condole Condoled Condoled
مزمت کرنا Condemn Condemned Condemned
تشویش رکھنا Concern Concerned Concerned
چھپانا Conceal Concealed Concealed
شکایت کرنا Complain Complained Complained
حکم بجالانا Comply Complied Complied
ترتیب دینا Compile Compiled Compiled
آرام دینا Comfort Comforted Comforted
آنا Come Came Come
ملانا Combine Combined Combined
کنگھی کرنا Comb Combed Combed
ٹکرکھانا Collide Collided Collided
جمع کرنا Collect Collected Collected
کپڑےپہننا Clothe Clothed Clothed
اوپرچڑھنا Climb Climbed Climbed
دعویٰ کرنا Claim Claimed Claimed
منتخب کرنا Choose Chose Chosen
خوش کرنا Cheer Cheered Cheered
چیک کرنا Check Checked Checked
دھوکا دینا Cheat Cheated Cheated
تعاقب کرنا Chase Chased Chased
جلاوطن کرنا Deport Deported Deported
انحصار کرنا Depend Depended Depended
روانہ ہونا Depart Departed Departed
انکار کرنا Deny Denied Denied
پہنچادینا Deliver Delivered Delivered
مٹانا Delete Deleted Deleted
تاخیر کرنا Delay Delayed Delayed
تعریف کرنا Define Defined Defined
دفاع کرنا Defend Defended Defended
شکست دینا Defeat Defeated Defeated
گہرا کرنا Deepen Deepened Deepened
کم کرنا Decrease Decreased Decreased
اقرار کرنا Declare Declared Declared
فیصلہ کرنا Decide Decided Decided
بیوپارکرنا Deal Dealt Dealt
جرات کرنا Dare Dared Dared
ترک کرنا Disown Disowned Disowned
بحث کرنا Discuss Discussed Discussed
دریافت کرنا Discover Discovered Discovered
رازفاش کرنا Disclose Disclosed Disclosed
اجازت نہ دینا Disallow Disallowed Disallowed
نامنظورکرنا Disagree Disagreed Disagreed
کھودنا Dig Dig Dig
مرنا Die Died Died
ترقی دینا Develop Developed Developed
معلوم کرنا Detect Detected Detected
خواہش کرنا Desire Desired Desired
مستحق کرنا Deserve Deserved Deserved
اخزکرنا Derive Derived Derived
افسردہ کرنا Depress Depressed Depressed
پینا Drink Drank Drunk
بچ نکلنا Dodge Dodged Dodged
کرنا Do Did Done
غوطہ لگانا Dive Dived Dived
تقسیم کرنا Distribute Distributed Distributed
ناراض کرنا Displease Displeased displeased

Verbs in Urdu and English List

verbs List with three forms in english

1000 Verbs List with 1st form 2nd form and 3rd form

This is part 2 of verbs series and in this blog, we have taught you many English verbs with meanings and forms, we have also provided you the pictures so that you can save them for later.

Check part one of the verbs list.

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