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99 Islamic Vocabulary Words English to Urdu

Islamic Vocabulary Words English to Urdu

Learn these 99 Islamic Vocabulary Words English to Urdu and beautify your English Speaking this lesson is helpful for those who have just started learning English.

This lesson will help you Speak English while having a conversation about Islam. This list of Islamic Vocabulary has very useful Vocabulary with their meaning and pronunciation so that you can level up your English speaking. Vocabulary has a very important role in the English language if we don’t have a vocabulary in our mind we cannot make a sentence and not making a sentence means poor speaking skills.

99 Islamic Vocabulary Words English to Urdu

Learning these vocabulary words it will boost your vocabulary and will make you have good conversations. In this blog, we are going to teach you 99 Vocabulary words and you can also get the PDF book of this lesson from below.

Note: you can save the pictures on your mobile phone or download a PDF lesson of 99  vocabulary words from below.

Learning vocabulary words and keeping them in our minds for a long time is not easy you should often practice these words in your daily speaking. Whenever you learn a new vocabulary word try to write it down in a notebook and make at least 5 sentences of each word. This is an amazing way to memorize new vocabulary.

Islamic Vocabulary Words

Believer بیلیور مومن
Shroud شراؤڈ کفن
Prayer mat پریئیر میٹ جائے نماز
Prostrate پروسٹریٹ سجدہ کرنا
Alms آمز خیرات
Funeral فیونیرل جنازہ
Funeral Prayer فیونیرل پرئیر نماز جنازہ
Infidel انفیڈل کافر
Angel اینجل فرشتہ
Prophet پروفیٹ پیغمبر
Fast فاسٹ روزہ
Atheist ادیسٹ ملحد
Obligatory اوبلیگیٹری فرض 
Rosary روزیری تسبیح
Pilgrim پیل گریم  حاجی

Islamic Vocabulary Words English to Urdu

99 Islamic Vocabulary Words English to Urdu

Pilgrimage پیل گریمیج حج
Observe fast اوبزرؤ فاسٹ روزہ رکھنا
Miracle میریکل معجزہ
Pulpit پلپیٹ منبر
Worship ورشِپ عبادت کرنا
Recital ریسائٹل ذکر
Favor فیور نعمت
Recompense ریکمپینس اجردینا
Accusation اکیوزیشن تہمت / الزام
Repent ریپینٹ توبہ کرنا
Humanity ہیومینیٹی انسانیت
Ablution ابلوشن وضو

Islamic Vocabulary (Prayer Names)

Dawn prayer ڈاؤن پرئیر فجر کی نماز
Noon prayer نون پرئیر ظہر کی نماز
Evening prayer ایوننگ پرئیر عصر کی نماز
Dusk prayer ڈسک پرئیر مغرب کی نماز
Night prayer نائٹ پرئیر عشاہ کی نماز
Friday’s prayer فرائڈیز پرئیر نماز جمعہ
Obligatory prayer اوبلیگیٹری پرئیر فرض نماز

99 Islamic Vocabulary Words English to Urdu

Islamic vocabulary words are used on different occasions while talking about prayer or something Islamic, we have collected all the vocabulary related to Islam for you and compiled them in a single blog so that you can memorize these words and use them in your daily speaking.

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