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Household Things Vocabulary in English with Urdu Meaning

Household Things Vocabulary in Urdu and English

Wherever you are sitting in your house right now, just look around and try to name things present around you. You might not be able to do this as it is very difficult to name the things present in the house. To name these things in English correctly, we have to learn some useful vocabulary words related to household items. These words are commonly used in our daily life. We can memorize their names easily.

Household Things Vocabulary in English with Urdu Meaning

This list will help all the English learners who are here to learn household item names in English with their Urdu meanings. This topic is going to be helpful for you as we need to say these words more often than other words.

Household Things Vocabulary in Urdu and English List-1

This list has all the vocabulary words related household items around you.

Sack تھیلا / بوری
Rolling pin بیلن
Ice box برف رکھنے کا بکس
Pot برتن
Fuel ایندھن
Hearth انگیٹھی
Tap نل
Cupboard الماری
Kerosene oil مٹی کا تیل
Match stick ماچس کی تیلی
Bowl ڈونگا
Table desk لکھنے کی میز
Fork کانٹا
Comb کنگی
Funnel قیف
Flagon صراحی
Soap صابن
Needle سوئی
Nut cracker سروتا
Ash راکھ
String رسی
Bottle بوتل
Brush برش
Button بٹن
Mirror آئینہ
Thimble انگشتانہ
Cinder انگارہ
Candle موم بتی
Table میز
Bolster گاؤتکیہ

Pro-Tip: After learning this lesson try to name things present around you. Just take a quick round of your house and name things. It’s going to be fun as well as beneficial for you.

Household Things Vocabulary


Household Items in Urdu and English List-2

This is a list no 2 and in this list, we have mentioned commonly used household article names with their Urdu meanings.

Match box ماچس
Lamp لیمپ
Wardrobe کپڑوں کی الماری
Chair کرسی
Canister کنستر
Chandelier فانوس
Soap case صابن دانی
Phial شیشی
Casket سنگاردان
Safe تجوری
Rope رسہ
Dish رکابی
Box ڈبہ
Tooth pick خلال
Umbrella چھتری
Electric stove برقی چولہا
Tongs چمٹا
Key چابی
Sieve چھلنی
Mat چٹائی
Swing جھولا
Basket ٹوکری
Plate تھالی
Lock تالا
Balance ترازو
Pillow تکیہ
Cup پیالہ
Doormat پائیدان
Iron استری
Churn ریتی
Bowl ڈونگا
Thread دھاگا
Stove چولہا
Cot چارپائی
Bad sheet چادر
Spoon چمچہ
Broom جھاڑو
Cobweb جالا
Tray ٹرے
Oven تندور
Wire تار
Pillow cover تکیہ کا غلاف
Vase گلدان
Bed پلنگ
Blanket کمبل
Quilt لحاف
Rug قالین
Chair کرسی
Pen قلم
Book کتاب
Fan پھنکا
Dress کپڑے
Bucket بالٹی
Scissor قینچی
Hook کھونٹی
Ewer لوٹا
Bolt چٹخنی
Cushion گدی
Couch صوفہ
Bathroom غسل خانہ
Roof چھت
Drain نالی
Verandah برامدہ


Household Things Vocabulary in English with Urdu Meaning

If you find it difficult to pronounce any word or you feel that you are pronouncing the word wrong, just consult the dictionary and try to listen to the correct pronunciation carefully. After listening to the pronunciation, try to say that word and you will be good at it.

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