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Dry Fruit Names in Urdu and English

Dry Fruit Names in English with Urdu Meaning

The following blog will be all about dry fruits. You will be able to learn and know the different types and names of dry fruits and how they are spelled in Urdu as well.

Dry fruits surely are a wonder and help you to retain good health. One of the main benefits of dry fruits is that they have no side effects and they also don’t contain any refined sugar or any type of harmful substance. They are the healthiest option one can opt for in their daily diet. Enriched with fibre, zinc, calcium, iron, and many other elements, dry fruits alone can give you all the energy and strength you need to go for a day.

There are many ways through which dry fruits can be eaten for example you can add them to your daily breakfast, mix them with yogurt, add them into any of your favourite smoothies or you can eat it along with your favourite fruit. It contains zero cholesterol and is enriched with antioxidants makes a great deal for having perfectly toned skin, and healthy, and amazing hair. For example almonds, the most famous dry fruit is good for mental health and prevents other diseases. Raisins play a really important part in health as it help to nourish the immune system and the intestines get toned up, they are good for digestion and also help in reducing the inflammation in the stomach.

Dry Fruit Names in Urdu and English

They are really popular due to the rich vitamins and nutrients the human body gets after consuming them. Dry fruits also are a good source of nutrition and come with the best medicinal benefits and remedies. Pakistan is a blessed country and includes a large variety of Dry fruits all over the country and also is a great exporter of dry fruits.

Pistachios پستہ
Seeds بیج
Cashew کاجو
Almonds بادام
Apricot خوبانی
Dates کھجور
Hazelnuts فندق
Peanut مونگ پھلی
Betel Nut چھالیہ
Dry Coconut ناریل
Walnuts اخروٹ
Raisins کشمش
Prunes بلخصوص خشک آلوچہ
Dry Figs انجیر
Lotus Seeds مخانے
Dry Berries خشک بیریاں
Corn Nuts مکئی
Pine Nuts چلخوزے
Soy Nuts سویابین
Sunflower Seeds کالے بیچ
Brazil Nuts جوز برازیل
Pecans امریکی اخروٹ

Dry Fruit Names in English

There are hundreds of dry fruits in the world, every country we go we see a new variety of dry fruit so it is not possible to mention each dry fruit name in this blog, but we have tried our best to mention the names of all the common dry fruits with their meanings in Urdu so that you can memorize them and add this vocabulary to your dictionary.

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