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Degrees of Adjective in Urdu and English

Degrees of Adjectives

In today’s blog, we will be learning some adjectives along with their second and third form. Learning English is fun nowadays. You can easily look up online over the internet and can easily find different terms and can learn.

This list has the most common adjectives with their positive, comparative, and superlative degrees which will help you add some extra vocabulary in your mind and you can compare people and things using these degrees of adjective.

Degrees of Adjective in Urdu and English

The following blog will help you enhance your vocabulary and will also help you know what form is to be used on what occasion. This will be a very fruitful blog for the learners and by the end of this blog, you will have a lot of vocabulary in your mind and compare different things easily. This lesson will also improve your speaking skills.

طاقتور powerful more  powerful most  powerful
خوفناک frightening more  frightening most  frightening
برائی evil more evil most evil
جاہل ignorant more  ignorant most  ignorant
خوشگوار pleasant more  pleasant most  pleasant
مشہور famous more famous most famous
قابل لطف enjoyable more  enjoyable most  enjoyable
سوچنے والا thoughtful more  thoughtful most  thoughtful
خوفناک terrible more  terrible most  terrible
بے وقوف foolish more  foolish most  foolish
مددگار helpful more  helpful most  helpful
ذہین intelligent more  intelligent most  intelligent
بھولنے والا forgetful more  forgetful most  forgetful
مشکل difficult more  difficult most  difficult
سمجھدار sensible more  sensible most  sensible
خوبصورت handsome more  handsome most  handsome
دلچسپ interesting more  interesting most  interesting
خوش مزاج cheerful more  cheerful most  cheerful
لاپرواہ careless more  careless most  careless
شائستہ polite more polite most polite
بے لوث generous more  generous most  generous

Degrees of Adjective with Urdu Translation

نئی new newer newest
گرم warm warmer warmest
شور noisy noisier noisiest
پیارا lovely lovelier loveliest
مضبوط strong stronger   strongest
جنگلی wild wilder wildest
خوبصورت pretty prettier prettiest
جلدی quick quicker quickest
امیر rich richer richest
چوڑا wide wider widest
اداس sad sadder saddest
تنگ narrow narrower narrowest
بدصورت ugly uglier ugliest
سخت hard harder hardest
چھوٹا small smaller smallest
مختصر short shorter shortest
گیلا wet wetter wettest

Degrees of Adjectives

سست slow slower slowest
پتلی thin thinner thinnest
دولت مند wealthy wealthier  wealthiest 
طویل long longer longest
چھوٹا tiny tinier tiniest
غریب poor poorer poorest
روشنی light lighter lightest
کم low lower lowest
خوشی merry merrier merriest
موٹی thick thicker thickest
اندھیرا dark darker darkest
قریب near nearer nearest
محفوظ safe safer safest
شرارتی naughty naughtier naughtiest

Degrees of Adjectives in Urdu and English

قریب close closer closest
اونچا high higher highest
نرم gentle gentler gentlest
وسیع broad broader broadest
ٹھنڈا cool cooler coolest
پیارے dear dearer dearest
سردی cold colder coldest
بھاری heavy heavier heaviest
مصروف busy busier busiest
ٹھیک fine finer finest
آسان easy easier easiest
گندا dirty dirtier dirtiest
بولڈ bold bolder boldest
خشک dry drier driest
تیز fast faster fastest
ہوشیار clever cleverer cleverest
موٹا fat fatter fattest
بڑا large larger largest
مذاکیآ funny funnier funniest
صحت مند healthy healthier healthiest

Three degress of adjectives in Urdu and English

 زبردست  great greater greatest
پرسکون calm calmer calmest
میٹھا sweet sweeter sweetest
غصہ angry angrier angriest
بہادر brave braver bravest
سست dull duller dullest
گرم hot hotter hottest
گورا fair fairer fairest
ہموار smooth smoother  smoothest
لمبا tall taller tallest
بڑا big bigger biggest
سست lazy lazier laziest
تیز sharp sharper sharpest
روشن bright brighter brightest
نرم soft softer softest
گہرا deep deeper deepest
خوش happy happier happiest
جلد early earlier earliest

degrees of adjectives in english and urdu

Adjectives are used to tell about different qualities of something, numbers, color, and many other things but in this blog, we have only focused on the degrees of adjectives used to compare two or more than two things.

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