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Dawn Vocabulary Words in English with Urdu Meaning 2024

Advanced English To Urdu Vocabulary List 2024

This list of Dawn Vocabulary Words in English with Urdu Meaning 2024 is prepared for students who are preparing for competitive exams like CSS, PMS, NTS, etc. This list will help you learn some very advanced vocabulary words with their Urdu meanings. These vocabulary words have been collected from some English newspapers.

Dawn Vocabulary Words in English with Urdu Meaning 2024

Learning these advanced vocabulary words will help you in your exams and enable you to prepare yourself for any kind of competitive test help you use advanced vocabulary with your friends and boost your personality.

Advanced Vocabulary in Urdu and English List-1

In this list, we have mentioned many advanced words with their meanings in Urdu, that will add some extra meaningful words in your dictionary. Write down these words and use them in your writing.

Words Urdu Words Urdu
Venal ضمیر  فروشی Procurement فراہمی
Rebut دور کرنا Compliance حکم
Temerity جانبازی Embezzlement خیانت
To lead رہنمائی کرنا To review جائزہ لینا
To preamble تمہید باندھنا To validate تصدیق کرنا
To infer قیاس کرنا To negate تردید کرنا
To assess تخمینہ لگانا To assert وثوق سے کہنا
To conclude نتیجہ اخز کرنا To argue دلائل دینا
Controversy تنازعہ Article مقالہ
Dialogue مکالمہ Allude اشارو میں کہنا
Blemish عیب Allay تسکین دینا
Surmise شبہ Tyro ناپختہ
Capacious وسیع Placate راضی کرنا
Redundant فضول Tumultuous ہنگامہ خیز
Pertinent مناسب Impetuous جلد باز
Obliterate تباہ کرنا – مٹا دینا Expedient غیر اخلاقی
Segregate الگ کرنا Frivolous غیر سنجیدہ
Pickpocket جیب کترا Snazzy پرکشش
Ingrate نمک حرام Ablution وضو
Ewer لوٹا Quixotic شیخ چلی
Jeer طعنہ مارنا Sluggish سست

Advanced English To Urdu Vocabulary List 2024

Advanced Vocabulary Used in Newspapers with Urdu Meanings List-2

This is list no 2 of Advanced words this list has more than 40 words with their Urdu meanings which is used in different newspapers and advanced writing.

Brazen ڈھیٹ Atrocity ظلم
Uppity مغرور Fortitude تحمل
Blemish عیب Queer عجیب
Croon گنگنانا Tryst ملاقات
Amass جمع کرنا Omen شگن
Laud تعریف Incursion دشمن کا حملہ
Appetite بھوک Tantamount مترادف
Akin ایک طرح کا Bizarre عجیب
Awful زیادہ خراب Delicious مزیدار
Keen شوقین Starving بھوک سے مرے جانا
Furious بہت غصہ آنا Wealthy بہت امیر
Skinny پتلی Deep گہرا
Crucial بہت اہم Dirty گندا
Roomy کھلا ہوا Tolerate برداشت
Insolent بدتمیز Arrogant گھمنڈی
Determination عزم Willpower قوت ارادی
Encourage حوصلہ افزائی Deny انکار
Consequence نتیجہ Priority ترجیح
Rotten سڑا ہوا Sympathy ہمدردی
Ultimate حتمی Imagination تصور
Approach پہنچ Particular خاص

Advanced English To Urdu Vocabulary List 2024

Advcanced Vocabulary in English and Urdu List-3

These advanced vocabulary words are taken from different newspapers of the world and we have mentioned  their meaning in Urdu so that you can understand them better.

Steadfast ثابت قدم Resolute پرعزم
Allocate خاص کر لینا Anomaly بے ضابطہ
Aggregate مشتمل Aggressive جارحانہ
Ample کھلا – وسیع Antagonize دشمن بنانا
Amateur اناڑی Ambitious مشتاق
Boast شیخی مارنا Concur اتفاق کرنا
Coerce جبر کرنا Conflict جھگڑا
Decay زوال Collide ٹکر دینا
Conceal چھپانا Core مرکزی حصہ
Curriculum نصابی Devise مرتب کرنا
Diatribe تلخ تنقید Digress گریز کرنا
Diminish گھٹ جانا Elite ممتاز
Disrupt خلل آنا Dilemma الجھن
Despise حقیر سمجھنا Enhance بڑھانا
Flaw عیب Expand پھیلانا
Endure برداشت کرنا Equivalent مساوی
Hierarchy درجہ بندی کرنا Finite محدود
Grandiose عظیم الشان Hasty جلدی میں
Implement نافز کرنا Hypothesis قیاس
Incentive ترغیب Hollow کھوکھلا
Impair بگاڑدینا Inclination رغبت
Inflate بڑھادینا Implore التجا
Evade بچنا Lavish مہنگا
Mediocre درمیانی Lampoon مزاق بنانا
Leery مشکوک Irresolute غیر یقینی
Irascible تندمزاج Lenient رحم دل

Dawn Vocabulary Words in English with Urdu Meaning 2024

Advanced vocabulary means some amazing and useful words used in different newspapers and these are some fancy words spoken and written in different formal writing. Advanced words make your speaking and writing interesting. I recommend you to learn all these words and make your English more exciting and colourful.

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