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Best wishes and Dua Sentences in English with Urdu Translation

Urdu To English Sentences For Best Wishes And Dua

In this article, we are going to learn Best wishes and Dua Sentences in English with Urdu Translation. We use these English-to-Urdu sentences on different occasions while wishing someone best wishes or giving dua.

Best wishes and Dua Sentences in English with Urdu Translation

Do you get confused about what to say while wishing someone? In this lesson, we will help you learn how to convey best wishes and dua in English with the help of Urdu to English sentences and examples. whether you are congratulating someone, offering condolences or expressing your love or feelings we have helped you learn all these in this article.

With this list of amazing English sentences with Urdu meanings, you will better understand how to make sentences while wishing someone. From basic informal sentences to advanced formal sentences we will provide you a variety of sentences in this lesson so that you can use them in your daily life routine.

We aim to provide you with quality education and empower you to build your English skills uniquely. so whether you are a student, teacher or professional this lesson is for you.

let’s read this article thoroughly and learn the beauty of expressing best wishes in English with Urdu translations.

English to Urdu Sentences for Best Wishes and Dua List-1

یا اللہ میرے علم میں اضافہ فرما!
Ya Allah mere ilm mai ezafa farma!
Allah increase my knowledge!
اللہ آپکو صحت دے!
Allah apko sehat de!
Allah bless you with a good health!
اللہ آپ پررحم کرے!
Allah aap par reham kare!
Allah beless you!
مشکل وقت میں اللہ آپکی مدد کریں!
Mushkil waqt mai Allah apki madad kare!
May Allah help you in this distress!
اللہ آپکی لمبی عمر کرے!
Allah apki lambi umar kare!
May you live long!
اللہ جنت میں جگہ دے!
Allah janat mai jaga de!
Rest in peace! (RIP)
آپ جلدی صحت یاب ہو جائیں!
Ap jaldi sehat yab ho jaye!
Get well soon!
کامیابی آپکی قدم چومے!
Kamyabi apki qadam choomay!
Wish you all the best!
آپ کامیاب ہو!
Ap kamyab ho!
May you succeed!

Best wishes and Dua Sentences in English with Urdu Translation

پھلو پھولو!
Palo phoolo!
May you flourish!
اے اللہ ہمیں سیدھا راستہ دکھا!
Oh Allah hamay sedha rasta dekha!
Oh Allah show us the right path!
تمہارا سفر اچھا رہے!
Tumhara safar acha rahe!
Have a safe journey!
خوش رہو!
Khush raho!
Stay happy!
آپکو شادی مبارک!
Apko shadi Mubarak!
Congratulations on tying the knot!
اللہ آپکو صلہ دے!
Allah apko silah de!
May Allah reward you!
اللہ ہمیں غربت اور قرضو سے بچا!
Allah hame ghurbat or qarzo se bacha!
Oh Allah protect us from poverty and debts!
قسمت آپکا ساتھ دے!
Qismat apka sath de!
Good luck!
اللہ آپکو صحت مند بچا دے!
Allah apko sehat mand bacha de!
May Allah grant you a healthy baby!

English to Urdu Sentences for Best Wishes and Dua List-1

These English sentences can be used on different occasions when we want to wish someone and give them dua. We have provided you with many sentences with their Urdu meanings in this blog, so that you can improve your English speaking and utilize these phrases while wishing someone.

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