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55 Words Followed By Correct Prepositions PDF

Words Followed By Correct Prepositions

Most of the learners get confused when they use prepositions with a word. The right choice of the preposition for a particular word is quite difficult, especially for a beginner.

For example, we have the word addicted,

Using this word in a sentence needs a preposition to make sense, So we add the preposition “to” at the end of this word so that we can make a sentence like this.

He is addicted to smoking.

But I have seen people using addicted instead of addicted to.

55 Words Followed By Correct Prepositions

To help you learn some amazing words followed by correct prepositions we have prepared this amazing lesson. People mostly use these words with incorrect prepositions which make it worse and incorrect. In this list, we have a word with its Urdu meaning and example sentences in Sequence for better understanding.

Account for ذمہ دار ہونا I can’t account for the cash that he spent.
Accede to رضا مند ہونا Will you accede to my request?
Aware of آگاہ کرنا/آگاہ ہونا He doesn’t seem to be aware of the current problems.
Apologize for معافی مانگنا I apologize for my mistake.
Blame for قصور وار ٹھہرانا  They blamed him for failing to improve Pakistan’s economy.
Addicted to بری چیز کا عادی ہونا He is addicted to smoking.
Agree with متفق ہونا I do not agree with you at all.
Vote against خلاف ووٹ دینا I voted against the corrupt candidate.
Watch over نظر رکھنا The mother watches over her son.
Ashamed of شرمندہ ہونا He is ashamed of what he did.
Believe in یقین کرنا I believe in working hard to achieve success
Back out وعدہ سے  پھر جانا I will not back out my promise.
Abide by پابند ہونا They have got to abide by the rules.
Boast of فخر کرنا He boasted of his skills.
Charge with الزام لگانا He has been charged with some of the murders.
Decide on فیصلہ کرنا How did you decide on a career in beatboxing?
Commit to سپرد کرنا The charge is committed to the officer.
Compare to اشیاء کا مقابلہ کرنا This quiz was easier compared to the last one.
Complain of شکایت کرنا I have nothing to complain of.
Deal in کاروبار کرنا He deals in rare books.

Words Followed By Correct Prepositions

Donate to عطیہ دینا We should donate our funds to the poor.
Fail in ناکام رہنا یا ہونا He has failed in English.
Inform of اطلاع دینا We must inform the police of the matter.
Give up ترک کرنا He has decided to give up smoking.
Grumble at بڑبڑانا He was grumbling at me for nothing.
Clash with ٹکر لینا He clashed with his friend.
Insist on اصرار کرنا He was insisting on going there.
Live by گزارا کرنا She is hardly living by.
Knock down گرا دینا He died in hospital after being knocked down by a truck.
Lack in کمی ہونا He is completely lacking in responsibility.
Eject from بے دخل کرنا They tried to eject him from the podium.
Fire at گولی داغنا He fired at the thief.
Occur to خیال آنا An idea occurred to him.
Grieve at رنجیدہ ہونا He is grieved at his mother’s death.
Meddle in دخل اندازی کرنا I don’t meddle in his personal matter.
Jest at مذاق اڑانا He was jesting at me.
Involve in پھنسنا He was not involved in that matter.
Trust in یقین کرنا Every Muslim should trust in Allah
Show off نمائش کرنا He was showing off his car.
Rescue from بچانا He rescued me from that situation.

55 Words Followed By Correct Prepositions

Restore to بحال کرنا I’m trying to restore this antique to its original owner.
Qualify for شرائط پوری  کرنا He qualified for this job.
Prefer to ترجیح دینا I always preferred coffee to tea.
Pass away وفات پانا His mother has passed away.
Taste for ذوق رکھنا I don’t have any taste for smoking.
Swear to حلف اٹھانا I have sworn to serve my country.
Wonder at حیران رہ جانا I shook my head in wonder at this man.
Yell at چیخنا Please stop yelling at me.
Urge to اْکسانا She urged him to study harder.
Strive for جدوجہد کرنا Strive for your bright future.
Stare at گھورنا Please stop staring at me.
Pester with تنگ  کرنا Don’t pester me with irritating questions.
Beg of التجا کرنا I beg of you to excuse me.
Defer to ملتوی کرنا He deferred the matter to the senior.
Die of بیماری سے مرنا He died of Covid19.

55 Words Followed By Correct Prepositions

Using these words with incorrect prepositions will entirely change the meaning of the sentences, learning these words with their correct prepositions will not only help you to memorize new words but also make your English writing and speaking right.

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