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55 Adjectives to Describe Personality In Urdu and English

Adjectives to Describe Character and Personality

In this blog, you will learn 55 Adjectives to Describe Character and Personality. These Adjectives have their Hindi and Urdu meanings which will help you describe people in English.

This list of Adjectives will help you speak English easily while talking about someone’s character or personality. We often meet different people and every person has different characteristics. To name their personality and character in English, we have to know the following adjectives we will learn in this blog today.

55 Adjectives to Describe Character and Personality

Describing someone’s character is a part of our daily communication. After reading this blog you will be able to describe people in English.

Personality Adjectives in Urdu and English List-1

In this list, we have mentioned some basic but common adjectives used to describe people with their meanings in Urdu and Roman.

Adjectives Urdu Roman
Gentleman شریف آدمی Shareef  admi
Generous سخی Sakhi
Egotist خود پسند Khud pasand
Emotional جذباتی Jazbati
Accused ملزم Mulzim
Henpecked رن مرید Ran mureed
Backbiter چغل خور Chughal khor
Devotee پرستار Purstar
Donor عطیہ دینے والا Atia dene wala
Disloyal بے وفا Bewafa
Glutton پیٹو Pettu
Afraid خوفزدہ Khauf zada
Addicted عادی Aadi
Forgetful بھلکڑ Bulakarh
Confident پراعتماد Pur etimad
Careful محتاط Muhtat
Careless لاپرواہ Laparwa
Diligent محنتی Mehnati
Eligible اہل Ehel
Cheerful زندہ دل Zinda dil
Lazy سست Sust
Jovial ہنس مکھ Hans muk
Grateful مشکور Mashkoor
Guilty قصوروار Kasoorwar
Liar جھوٹا Jhoota
Impatient بے صبر Be sabar
Jolly مزاحیہ Mazhiya

Adjectives to Describe Character and Personality

Adjectives Used To Describe Personality with Their Urdu Meanings List-2

This is a list number 2 of personality adjective words and this list contains some advanced and basic words used to describe people and tell about their personalities.

Reticent کم گو Kam go
Sincere مخلص Mukhlis
Intellectual دانشور Danishwar
Greedy لالچی Lalchi
Hospitable مہمان نواز Mehman Nawaz
Intelligent ذہین Zaheen
Mature پختہ ذہن Pukhta zehen
Innocent معصوم Masoom
Naughty شرارتی Shararti
Proud مغرور Maghroor
Obstinate ضدی Ziddi
Negligent غافل Ghafil
Nervous گھبرایا ہوا Gabraya hua
Kind مہربان Mehraban
Habitual عادی Aadi
Sociable گل مل جانے والا Gul milne wala
Slacker کام چور Kam chor
Shy شرمیلا Sharmila
Positive مثبت Musbat
Sensitive حساس Hasas
Talkative باتونی Batuni
Specialist ماہر Mahir
Truthful سچا Sacha
Tired تھکا ہوا Thaka Hua
Submissive تابعدار Tabedar
Brave بہادر Bahadar
Chatty  باتونی Batuni
Clever چالاک Chalak
Experienced تجربہ کار Tajruba kar
Wise عقلمند Aqal mand
Happy خوش Khush
Polite شائستہ Shaista
Ambitious بلند نظر Buland Nazar
Quiet خاموش Khamosh
Outspoken اوٹ پٹانگ Utt Pattang
Timid بزدل Buzdil
Extravagant فضول خرچ Fazool Kharch
Bright ذہین Zaheen
Stupid بے وقوف Bewaqoof
Honest ایماندار emandar

55 Adjectives to Describe Character and Personality

These words describe people in different situations and tell about their good and bad qualities. These words are also used to tell how a person is unique from others.

Personality Adjectives in Urdu and English PDF

We often want to describe someone in English and talk about their personalities and characters but we don’t find useful words according to them, in this blog, we have solved your problem and provided you many adjectives so that you can easily name someones personality using one word. You can get the PDF lesson below.

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