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500 Forms of Verbs With Urdu Meaning

Forms of Verbs in English and Urdu

Learn 500 Forms of Verbs With Urdu Meaning with 1st 2nd and 3rd forms these forms of verbs with Urdu meaning list have all the important verbs with their 1st 2nd and 3rd form and Urdu meaning. This lesson is prepared for our beginner students who have just started learning the English language.

500 Forms of Verbs With Urdu Meaning

We all know that English sentences are incomplete without action verbs and the major thing we learn while learning English we learn verbs that help us complete a sentence and convey our message to others in a proper way. These verbs will help you speak English in every situation, these are the verbs used in our daily routine.

1st 2nd  3rd Forms of Verbs List-1

In this list you will learn more than 50 basic forms of verbs in English with their Urdu meanings and this list will help you make some basic sentences and use them correctly in your sentences according to the tense.

Lend ادھار دینا Lent Lent
Make بنانا Made Made
Eat کھانا Ate Eaten
Open کھولنا Opened Opened
Want چاہنا Wanted Wanted
Burn جلنا / جلانا Burnt Burnt
Test آزمانا Tested Tested
Change تندیل کرنا Changed Changed
Shout چلانا Shouted Shouted
Teach پڑھانا Taught Taught
Walk چلنا Walked Walked
Tell بتانا Told Told
Speak بولنا Spoke Spoken
Keep رکھنا Kept Kept
Stand اُٹھنا Stood Stood
Sing گانا Sang Sung
Taste ذائقہ چکنا Tasted Tasted
Throw پھینکنا Threw Thrown
Think سوچنا Thought Thought
Send بھیجنا Sent Sent
Watch دیکھنا Watched Watched
Rescue بچانا Rescued Rescued
Dive غوطہ لگانا Dived Dived

501 Forms of Verbs With Urdu Meaning

Action Verbs in English and Urdu List-2

This is the list no 2 of Action  verbs with their three forms and Urdu meanings.

Enter اندر جانا Entered Entered
Cook پکانا Cooked Cooked
Continue جاری رکھنا Continued Continued
Choose پسند کرنا Chose Chosen
Abash شمرمندہ کرنا Abashed Abashed
Accept قبول  کرنا Accepted Accepted
Absorb جزب ہونا Absorbed Absorbed
Ache درد ہونا Ached Ached
Allow اجاززت دینا Allowed Allowed
Convert تبدیل کرنا Converted Converted
Appear ظاہر ہونا Appeared Appeared
Answer جواب دینا Answered Answered
Ask پوچھنا Asked Asked
Bear برداشت کرنا Bore Born
Beat مارنا Beat Beaten
Behave سلوک کرنا Behaved Behaved
Bleed خون بہنا Bled Bled
Break توڑنا Broke Broken
Build تعمیر کرنا Built Built
Call بُلانا Called Called
Carry پکڑنا Carried Carried
Charge چارج کرنا Charged Charged
Catch پکڑنا Caught Caught

Forms of Verbs in English and Urdu

Action Verbs in English and Urdu List-3

This is the list no 3 and the list of our today’s lesson. In this list you will learn action verbs with their meanings and forms so that you can make many sentences using these words.

Clean صاف کرنا Cleaned Cleaned
Climb چڑھنا Climbed Climbed
Close بند کرنا Closed Closed
Colour رنگ دینا Coloured Coloured
Come آنا Came Come
Compel مجبور کرنا Compelled Compelled
Consist مشتمل ہونا Consisted Consisted
Correct ٹھیک کرنا Corrected Corrected
Cost قیمت ہونا Cost Cost
Crash پیسنا Crashed Crashed
Drag کھینچنا Dragged Dragged
Create بنانا Created Created
Do کرنا Did Done
Creep رینگنا Crept Crept
Useful Verbs with Urdu Meaning
Cure ٹھیک ہونا Cured Cured
Dig کھودنا Dug Dug
Dance ڈانس کرنا Danced Danced
Dare جراٰت کرنا Dared Dared
Cut کاٹنا Cut Cut
Declare تسلیم کرنا Declared Declared
Deprive محروم ہونا Deprived Deprived
Die مرنا Died Died
Desire خواہش کرنا Desired Desired
Dry خشک کرنا Dried Dried
Drink پینا Drank Drunk
Educate تعلیم دینا Educated Educated
Empty خالی کرنا Emptied Emptied
Earn کمانا Earnt Earnt
Erase مٹانا Erased Erased
Explain واضح کرنا Explained Explained
Fail ناکام  ہونا Failed Failed
Feed کھلانا Fed Fed
Find ڈھونڈنا Found Found
Finish ختم کرنا Finished Finished
Flee بھاگ جانا Fled Fled
Force زوردینا Forced Forced
Get حاصل کرنا Got Got
Go جانا Went Gone
Guess اندازہ  لگانا Guessed Guessed
Harm نقصان پہنچانا Harmed Harmed
Have ہونا Had Had
Hide چھپانا Hid Hidden
Hug گلے ملنا Hugged Hugged
Keep رکھنا Kept Kept
Know جاننا Knew Known

Useful Verbs with Urdu MeaningAction verbs have 4 forms 1st form, 2nd form, and 3rd form and all three forms of action verbs are important because in different tenses we use them. We use 1st form in present indefinite, 2nd form in past indefinite, and 3rd form in perfect tenses. Action verbs tell us about the exact action that is going on.

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