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30 Weather Sentences in English with Urdu Meaning

Weather Sentences in English and Urdu

We should know these 30 Weather Sentences in English with Urdu Meanings to speak about the weather. Talking about the weather is a part of our discussions and mostly we get stuck while talking about the weather.

This lesson of 30 weather sentences in English and Urdu is helpful for beginners as well as intermediate English learners who want to speak English fluently and beautify their spoken English.

30 Weather Sentences in English with Urdu Meaning

Learn these sentences and have a good conversation about the weather. These sentences are amazingly helpful for English learners.

Weather Sentences in English and Urdu List-1

In this list of weather sentences we have mentioned that how to ask about the weather and also how to tell about the particular weather.

How is the weather in Karachi? کراچی کاٰموسم کیسا ہے؟
It hailed on Sunday. اتوارکواولےپڑھےتھے۔
It is snowing here. یہاں برفباری ہو رہی ہے۔
It was foggy yesterday. کل دھندچھائی ہوئی تھی۔
It blew a gale in the evening. شام کوآندھی آئی تھی۔
There has been a good shower. اچھی خاصی بارش ہوچکی ہے۔
It had been drizzling since morning. صبح سے بونداباری ہورہی تھی۔
It was raining heavily/cats and dogs. موسلا دھاربارش ہورہی تھی،
It is about thirty degrees Fahrenheit tonight. آج رات کوتیش ڈگری فارن ہایٹ ہے۔
What is the temperature today? آج درجہ حرارت کیا ہے؟
Today is the first day of winter. آج موسم سرما کا پہلا دن ہے۔
The wind is rising. ہواتیزہورہی ہے۔
Is it hot today? کیاآج گرمی ہے؟
Yes, it is scorching hot now. ہاں اب بہت تیزدھوپ ہے۔
The days are getting hotter. دن گرم ہوتے جارہے ہیں۔
How was the weather yesterday? کل موسم کیسا تھا؟
It was quite cold yesterday. کل بالکل سردی تھی۔

Weather Sentences in English and Urdu

English To Urdu Sentences about Weather List-2

This is list no 2 of the weather sentences and here you will learn that how someone feels and what they do in a different weathers.

He was shivering. وہ کانپ رہا تھا۔
There is nip in the air. ہوامیں خنکی ہے۔
The sun is very bright. دھوپ بہت تیز ہے۔
The sky is overcast. آسمان پر کالے بادل چائےہوئے ہیں۔
Cool wind is blowing. ٹھنڈی ہوا چل رہی ہے۔
The heat has made me giddy. گرمی سےسرچکرارہاہے۔
It is getting colder day by day. روزبروزسردی پڑھ رہی ہے۔
It is very pleasant these days. آج کل موسم خوشگوارہے۔
It is sultry weather these days. اج کل ہوابالکل بند ہے اورگرمی ہے۔
He is perspiring. اس کو پسینہ آرہا ہے۔
Let us sit by the heater. چلوہیٹرکے پاس بیٹھتے ہیں۔
Wear your gloves. اپنےدستانےپہنو۔
Today it is cloudy. آج بادل چھائےہوئےہیں۔
Ali is basking in the sun. علی دھوپ سیک رہاہے۔
It is cold outside. Don’t go. باہر بہت سردی ہے مت جاؤ۔
It has been snowing since last morning. کل صبح سے برفباری ہورہی ہے۔
Give me the quilt it is very cold here. یہاں بہت سردی ہے مجھے لحاف دو۔
Cover yourself properly it is cold outside. خودکو ٹھیک سے ڈھانپ لوباہربہت سردی ہے۔

30 Weather Sentences in English with Urdu Meaning

Weather Sentences in Urdu and English

These sentences are used to talk about outdoor conditions. These sentences are used to express our thoughts about the weather and tell what the weather is likee and what someone is doing in a particular weather. Weather something is something we are all worried about and want to know and tell what the weather is like?

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