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110 Words and Synonyms with Urdu Meaning

Words and Synonyms with Urdu Meaning

What are Synonyms? These are a set of different words that have the same meaning. They can be used on different occasions. There are many words whose synonyms are used in specific cases. It is important to learn and distinguish the words that are translated into Urdu as there are several different meanings of one word.

110 Words and Synonyms with Urdu Meaning

You can advance your English language by using synonyms which will also help you to understand other’s words if they use any advanced vocabulary in their speaking.

In the following blog, we will be learning some synonyms and also what they are called in Urdu. These words will be beneficial for the students who are trying to learn English. It will not only help you improve your speaking skills it will also help you gain knowledge of new words and use alternative words when needed.


Word Synonym Urdu
Neat Tidy صاف ستھرا
Actually In fact اصل میں
Strain Tension تناؤ
Ability Skill صلاحیت
Brag Boast شیخی مارنا
Indications Signals اشارے
Give up End up چھوڑ دینا
Freckled Spotted جھنجھوڑا۔
Rescue Save بچانا/محفوظ کرنا
Fortunate Lucky خوش قسمت
Rank Grade درجہ
Manufacturer Trader کارخانہ دار
Adequate Sufficient کافی
Chant Sing نعرہ لگانا
Eventually Finally آخرکار
Trance Vision  حال
Indeed Actually بے شک
Write Record لکھنا/نوٹ کرنا
Confess Admit اقرار کرنا
Pile up Stack ڈھیر
Wind Wound up نمٹادینا
Eminent Prominent نامور
Ambitious Desirous of بلند نظر
Legitimate Legal جائز
House Home گھر

Words and Synonyms with Urdu Meaning


Brave Courageous بہادر
Definite Certain یقینی
Explain Elaborate وضاحت کرنا
Lazy Indolent سست
Do Execute کرنا
Famous Noted مشہور
Go Recede جانا
Amazing Incredible حیرت انگیز
Idea Concept خیال
Fast Quick  تیز
Delicious Savory مزیدار
Little Dinky تھوڑا
Good Proper اچھی
Fair Just   منصفانہ


Take Hold  پکڑنا
Bright Shining روشن
True Accurate  سچ
Hide Conceal چھپائیں
Wrong Incorrect غلط
Move Plod اقدام
Calm Still پرسکون
Kill Murder مار دالنا
Trouble Pains مصیبت
Strange Odd عجیب
Dangerous Risky  خطرناک
Decide Settle فیصلہ کرنا
Slow Late  سست
Unhappy Miserable ناخوش
Cut Gash کاٹنا
Funny Amusing  مضحکہ خیز
Story Tale  کہانی
Dark Unlit اندھیرا
Fear Terror  خوف
Ugly Hideous بدصورت
Crooked Bent   ٹیڑھا
Stop Cease روکو
Fat Stout چربی
Busy Engaged مصروف
Definitely Of course ضرور


Answer Reply جواب
Hurt Damage چوٹ
Mark Label نشان
Describe Portray بیان کریں
Look Watch دیکھو
Fake Bogus جعلی
Great Worthy زبردست
Anger Enrage غصہ
Break Fracture توڑنا
Dull Boring سست
Important Necessary اہم
Fall Topple گر
Awful Dreadful خوفناک
Enjoy Delight in لطف اندوز
Love Like محبت
Cool Chilly ٹھنڈا
Eager Keen شوقین
Gross Improper مجموعی
Angry Mad ناراض
False Groundless جھوٹا
End Stop اختتام
Part Portion حصہ
Scared Afraid ڈرا ہوا
Difference Disagreement فرق
Quiet Restful خاموش


Place Space  جگہ
Beautiful Pretty خوبصورت
Hurry Rush جلدی
Make Create بنانا
Get Obtain حاصل کریں
Put Place ڈال
Hate Despise نفرت
Mischievous Prankish شرارتی
Interesting Lively دلچسپ
Begin Start شروع
Predicament Quandary مصیبت
Come Approach آو
Happy Tickled خوش
Run Race بھاگنا
Plan Plot  منصوبہ
Show Display دکھائیں
Big Immense بڑا
Help Aid  مدد
Tell Disclose بتانا
Say Inform کہنا
Use Exercise استعمال کرنا
Keep Hold رکھنا
Think Judge سوچنا
Moody Changeable مزاج
Popular Accepted مقبول

Words and Synonyms with Urdu Meaning PDF

Synonyms are the words that have the same meaning. These are used as advanced vocabulary and we can have many synonyms for a word that we can use in our writing and conversations.

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