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100 Business Vocabulary in Urdu and English

Business Vocabulary in English with Urdu Meaning

Business in English vocabulary with Urdu meaning used in our daily speaking. These business vocabulary words are used in offices and many other places while talking about any business. In this article, you are going to learn many business terms in English with their Urdu and pronunciation. To speak good English, you have to learn all these words and practice them in your daily routine with your colleagues. In this article, we have 100 basic to advanced vocabulary related to business that will help you in speaking English while discussing business matters.

Business Vocabulary in Urdu and English

These days 90% of people are in communication with foreigners they are attached to them in many ways, like friendship, business, education, etc. To have good communication with foreigners we must know English speaking and listening. Learning vocabulary will not only help you speak but also it will improve your listening skills. Let’s scroll down and learn these vocabularies with their correct pronunciations.

Business Vocabulary Words in Urdu and English List-1

English Urdu Pronunciation
Bill broker ہنڈی دلال بل بروکر
Clearing a bill بل کی ادائیگی کرنا کلیئرنگ اےبل
Validity period واجب وقفہ ویلیڈیٹی پیریڈ
Negotiate بات چیت کرنا نیگوشئیٹ
Commercial تجارتی کمرشل
Staff عملہ سٹاف
Bottom line کسی کاروبار کا نفع یا نقصان باٹم لائن
Pay ادا کرنا پے
Resign استعفی دینا ریزائن
Income آمدنی آمدنی
Outgoing ملاقاتیں کرنے والا شخص آؤٹ گوئنگ
Demand طلب کرنا ڈیمانڈ
Upgrade بلند مقام پر پہنچانا اپگریڈ
Shipment جہازی مال شپمینٹ

Business Vocabulary Words in Urdu and English

Business Vocabulary in Urdu and English List-2:
English Urdu Pronunciation
Lucrative منافع بخش لیوکریٹو
Product پیداوار پراڈکٹ
Proposal تجاویز پروپوزل
Budget آمدنی کا تخمینہ بجٹ
Client گاہک کلائنٹ
Offer پیشکش کرنا آفر
Copyright حق نقل کاپی رائٹ
Briefcase پیسو کا بکسہ بریف کیس
Portfolio دستاویزات پورٹ فولیو
Agreement معاہدہ ایگریمینٹ
Purchase order خریداری کے آرڈر پرچاس آرڈر
Strike ہڑتال سٹرائک
Insurance بیمہ انشیورنس
Benefits منافع جات بینیفٹ

Business Vocabulary in Urdu and English List-2:

Business Vocabulary in Urdu and English List-3:
English Urdu Pronunciation
Employee ملازمت کرنے والا امپلوئی
Inflation مہنگائی انگلیشن
Wholesale تھوک فروشی ہول سیل
Export درآمد کرنا ایکسپورٹ
Stockholder ذخیرہ مال رکھنے والا سٹاک ہولڈر
Bonus اضافی انعام بونس
Shareholder حِصّہ دار شئیرہولڈر
Deflation قیمتوں میں کمی ڈیفلیشن
Commission دلالی کا معاوضہ کمیشن
Incentive زائد معاوضہ انسینٹیؤ
Down payment بیعانہ ڈاون پیمنٹ
Plan منصوبہ بنانا پلان
Currency کرنسی کرنسی
Consumer صارف کنزیومر

Business Vocabulary in Urdu and English List-3:

Business Vocabulary in Urdu and English List-4:
English Urdu Pronunciation
Annual سالانہ اینول
Capital سرمایہ کیپیٹل
Expenses اخراجات ایکس پینسز
Calculate حساب لگانا کال کلیٹ
Bond تعلق، دستاویزات بونڈ
Advertisement اشتہار ایڈورٹائزمینٹ
Tax ٹیکس ٹیکس
Meeting ملاقات میٹنگ
Buy خریدنا بائے
Business card کاروباری کارڈ بزنس کارڈ
Loan قرضہ لینا لون
Unemployment بے روزگاری ان املائمنٹ
Entrepreneur کاروباری انٹرپرینر
Capitalist سرمائے دار کیپٹلیسٹ
Exchange rate شرح تبادلہ اکسچینج ریٹ
Currency روپیہ کرنسی
Discount Account چھوٹ کھاتہ ڈسکاؤنٹ اکاؤنٹ

Business Vocabulary in Urdu and English List-4:

We have tried to mention every single basic to advanced word about business. These words will ease your English speaking while doing business or you have planned to go abroad for any kind of physical business. English learning starts from vocabulary because without having words we cannot make meaningful sentences and convey our message to others. Business is something very important in our life to do a good business and have a fruitful conversation we must learn these business vocabulary and understand their Urdu meanings.

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