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Essay On Global Warming | 1000 Words Essay

Global Warming Causes and Effects.

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Global warming is the gradual warming of the Earth’s lower atmosphere by slowly increasing concentrations of man-made greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide and methane. These gases trap infrared radiation, which is the heat radiation that warms the Earth. The burning of fossil fuels, mainly petroleum and coal, produces carbon dioxide as one of the by-products. As of 2003, the concentration of carbon dioxide is over 50% higher than it was before the start of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1800’s century. This has become a major threat to all forms of life on Earth and the situation is getting worse by the day. Due to the catastrophic impact that global warming has begun to have on life, the issue has gained global attention and demands the attention of concerned parties. To combine all of this information, the United Nations formed a group of scientists called the International Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC. In the IPCC report, scientists say that we are already seeing the consequences of the Earth being about 1.1 degrees Celsius warmer than it was in the 1800s. The Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels is not being met.

Essay On Global Warming

Causes of Global Warming:

Deforestation is a result of many factors, including the burning of forests for fuel, our desire for wood and paper products, the grazing of livestock on former forest land for food, and the conversion of tropical forests into plantations for palm oil. It becomes the cause of global warming. Deforestation releases significant amounts of carbon dioxide, which forests absorb and store from the atmosphere. That increases the severity of global warming as well.

Adding fuel to the fire, a vast number of industries established after the Industrial Revolution in developed countries are producing fluorinated gases at a massive level. These gases are disrupting the natural chemical composition of the atmosphere. It has led to the exponential growth in the emission of greenhouse gases. For instance, industries such as manufacturing plants, power stations,  transportation fuels, and waste disposal have a huge share in greenhouse gas emissions. Putting it briefly, the Industrial Revolution and the resultant setting up of industries have multiplied the production of greenhouse gases.

The use of chemical fertilizers and machinery in the agricultural sector is another major reason for causing global warming. The goal of using so many fertilisers, pesticides, and insecticides is to produce more food than ever before for the world’s population, which has tripled since 1970. Thus, farmers are forced by circumstances, to triple the use of nitrogen fertilizers and chemicals to increase the product but it causes an unintended increase in temperature. Hence, this drive for more produce has changed into a global warming-causing drive.

Besides, ozone depletion is another striking factor responsible for global warming. Ozone molecules absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation, which prevents them from reaching the Earth. However, chlorine-containing gases are destroying the chemical makeup of ozone molecules, destroying this protective layer. Therefore, ozone depletion ultimately raises the temperature of the earth.

Furthermore, the natural activity of volcanic eruption is causing a further rise in temperature and the depletion of the ozone layer. When a volcano erupts, it injects a substantial amount of sulphate into the atmosphere. Also, in cement manufacturing the production of carbon dioxide increases with the production and mixes in the air to cause global warming.

Putting it concisely, along with some natural reasons, most of the human activities are increasing greenhouse gas emissions that raise the temperature level.

Effects of global warming

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, about one-sixth of the total population of the world faces direct impacts of this melting of ice. The panel has warned that an additional 2 degrees of warming could lead to the ultimate destruction of the Greenland Ice Sheets.

The second consequence of this increasing global warming is the death of marine life. It is because oceans increase, it also increases oceanic circulation. This causes difficulty to the marine creatures in breathing, ultimately leading to their death. Moreover, it also had deathly effects on the algal blooms and coral reefs. In other words, carbon dioxide increase is playing havoc with the oceanic climate.

The rise in the sea level is the third major consequence of this global warming phenomenon. According to the IPCC report, if greenhouse gas emissions remain unchecked, global sea levels could rise as much as 3 feet by 2100. This is an alarming situation.

Fourth, hurricanes and typhoons are expected to become more intense as the planet warms. Scientists have claimed that hurricanes will become more intense due to climate change. Because hurricanes get their energy from the temperature difference between the warm tropical ocean and the cold upper atmosphere.

Last but not least, the combined impacts of droughts, severe weather, lack of accumulated snowmelt, diversity of pests and resultant usage of pesticides and insecticides, lower underground water tables and loss of arable land could cause severe crop failures and livestock shortage. This loss of food security may create havoc in the international food markets and spark famines, food riots, political instabilities, and civil unrest.


To conclude this argument, it is fair to state that it is high time that man realised the alarming situation of his planet and thought deeply about saving it for his survival as well as his future generations. Global warming would increase the number of deaths, diseases, and injuries from heat waves, floods, storms, and droughts.

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