Daily Used English Sentences

English Sentences with Urdu Meaning Used at Home

Sentences with Urdu Meaning Used at Home

English sentences have a lot of importance in our daily lives, we can’t speak English until we don’t have sentences according to the situation. This lesson on English to Urdu Sentences will help you learn some basic and useful sentences used at home so that you will be able to speak English easily at home and with your friends.

English Sentences with Urdu Meaning Used at Home

Every day we face problems while speaking English, but after learning this lesson and utilizing them in your daily life it will be easy for you to speak English at home and you will also notice a big impact on your spoken English.

ڈاکٹرکوفون کردو۔
Ring up the doctor.
میرا بسترلگا دو۔
Make my bed.
آپ تواونگھ رہے ہو۔
You are dozing.
آرام کرو۔
Take rest.
گھر کے چیزوں کو ٹھیک سے رکھو۔
Keep the household things properly in their place.
ہم بہت دیرتک باتے کرتے رہے۔
We kept talking.
دروازہ بند کرو۔
Bolt the door.
آؤ باتیں کریں۔
Let’s have a chat.
آیئےتشریف لایئے۔
Please come in.
میں بہت تھکا ہوا ہوں۔
I am deadly tired.
بس اب آپ سو جاؤ۔
Now you go to sleep.

Sentences with Urdu Meaning Used at Home

تم نے بڑی دیر لگا دی۔
You took a long time.
میں ابھی تیار ہوتا ہوں۔
I will be ready now.
میں نے آپکو  جگانامناسب نہیں سمجھا۔
I thought it was not proper to wake you up.
کوئی اس سے ملنے آیا ہے۔
Someone has come to see him.
آج صبح وہ دیرسےبیدارہوا۔
He woke up late this morning.
دروازہ کس نے کھٹکھٹایا؟
Who knocked on the door?
کیا وہ ابھی تک جاگ رہا؟
Is he still awake?
کرسی لیجئے۔
Have a chair, please.
میں نےآپکوجگانامناسب نہیں سمجھا۔
I did not think it proper to wake you up.
کیا اندر کوئی ہے؟
Is there anybody inside?
اس کے کتنے بچے ہیں؟
How many children does he have?
ان کے یہاں روزانہ آلو پکتے ہیں۔
Potatoes are a regular feature of their meals.
خوب نیند کرو۔
Have a sound sleep.
آج کیا نئی چیز پکی ہے؟
What new dish is made today?
میں صبح کا گھرسےنکلا ہوں۔
I have been out since morning.

English Sentences with Urdu Meaning Used at Home

اس کوٹ کوپھراستری کرواؤ۔
Get this coat ironed again.
اس نےغلط سلوک کیا۔
He was impudent.
گیلے کپڑے دھوپ میں ڈال دو۔
Put the wet clothes in the sun.
تمہیں اپنی بات سے نہیں پھرنا چاہیے۔
You should keep your word.
اسے تیارہوجانےدو۔
Let him get ready.
اس کی ساس اچھی عادت والی ہے۔
Her mother-in-law is a good-natured.
ہم وقت سے پہلے پہنچ جائیں گے۔
We will be there before the time.
تم کونسے کھیل کھیلتے ہو؟
What games do you play?
آپ کا کمرہ کتنا بڑا ہے؟
How big is your room?
کل فلم کیسا تھا؟
How was the movie yesterday?

English To Urdu Sentences Used at Home

Urdu To English Sentences Used at Home

In this blog, we have taught you some common sentences/phrases used daily at home with parents, kids or siblings. After learning these sentences you can build good communication with your family members.

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