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90 Basic Simple Vocabulary Words for Beginners

Vocabulary Words for Beginners In English and Urdu

In the following blog, we will be learning 90 Basic Simple Vocabulary Words for Beginners. These words you can learn while having simple conversations in English. The vocabulary will help you out in learning new words and you will be able to see a gradual change in your speaking skills and will have a good amount of new vocabulary words.

90 Basic Simple Vocabulary Words for Beginners

The following words have been translated for you into Urdu and also in Roman Urdu so that it is easier for our students to understand the meaning of the words. You can use these words in different sentences and also while talking to your children. By the end of this blog, you will be able to identify what the words mean and where and how you should be using the words.

English To Urdu Words for Beginners List-1

This list has some common words that will help you use them in your sentences and make meaningful basic sentences.

Words Translation Roman
Floor فرش farsh
Cat بلی billi
Type قسم qisam
Century صدی sadi
Result نتیجہ nateeja
Safe محفوظ mehfooz
Consider غور کریں ghhor karen
Burn جلنا jalna
Law قانون qanoon
Either یا تو ya to
Coast ساحل saahil
Roll رول rule
Finger انگلی ungli
Temperature درجہ حرارت darja hararat
Sand ریت rait
Tall لمبا lamba
Phrase جملہ jumla
Bit کاٹنا kaatna
Value قدر qader
Beat مارو maro
Danger خطرہ khatrah
Chair کرسی kursi
Excite پرجوش pur josh
Not نہیں nahi
Lie جھوٹ jhoot
Natural قدرتی qudrati
Sense احساس ehsas
Industry صنعت sanat
Capital سرمایہ sarmaya
Rich امیر Ameer
Operate چلانا chalana
Protect حفاظت کرنا hifazat karna

90 Basic Simple Vocabulary Words for Beginners

Basic Words with Urdu Meanings List-2

This list contains amazing words for beginners who are struggling to speak basic English and communicate with relatives or friends.

Noon دوپہر dopehar
Outdoor باہر bahar
Process عمل amal
Thick موٹا mota
Doctor ڈاکٹر dr
Separate الگ allag
Practice مشق کریں۔ mashq karen .
Crop فصل fasal
Insect کیڑے keeray
Character کردار kirdaar
Party پارٹی party
Corner گوشہ gosha
Element عنصر Ansar
Modern جدید jadeed
Hit مارا۔ mara .
Whose جس کا jis ka
Am میں am
Ring انگوٹھی angothi
Supply سپلائی supply
Locate تلاش کریں۔ talaash karen .
Indicate اشارہ کرنا ishara karna
Imagine تصور tasawwur
Effect اثر assar
Spoke بولنا bolna
Bone ہڈی haddi
Rail ریل rail
Atom ایٹم atom
Agree متفق mutfiq
Rather بلکہ balkay
Sharp تیز taiz
Captain کپتان captain
Guess اندازہ لگائیں andaza lagayen

Basic Words with Urdu Meanings List-2

Urdu and English Words List-3

English learning with basic words will help you take the first step of English learning and without basic vocabulary words, we cannot make sentences and deliver your words to someone.

Necessary ضروری zaroori
Rather بلکہ balkay
Tube نالی naali
Famous مشہور mashhoor
Hurry جلدی کرو jaldi karo
Colony کالونی colony
Fear خوف khauf
Rub رگڑنا ragarna
Tie ٹائی tie
Allow اجازت دیں۔ ijazat den .
Dead مردہ murda
Spot نشان nishaan
Lift لفٹ lift
Master ماسٹر master
Arrive پہنچنا pohanchna
Current موجودہ mojooda
Favor احسان کرنا ahsaan karna
Track ٹریک track
Glad خوشی ہوئی۔ khushi hui .
Proper مناسب munasib
Charge چارج charge
Instant فوری fori
Segment سیگمنٹ segment
Steam بھاپ bhaap
Enemy دشمن dushman
Range رینج range
Motion حرکت harkat
Occur واقع waqay
Sugar شکر shukar
Pretty خوبصورت khobsorat
solution حل hal

Urdu and English Words List-3

Basic words are like the backbone of any language you cannot communicate in your daily life with anyone without these basic Urdu to English vocabulary words. I hope this block has been helpful for you and that you have understood it well.

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