Daily Used English Sentences

61 Short English to Urdu Sentences of Daily Conversation

English to Urdu Sentences

In this blog, you will learn some daily used English to Urdu short sentences which will help you beautify your spoken English. These 61 short sentences are commonly used in our daily life on many occasions. Learning English through sentences has become very easy and beneficial for students and English learners who want to be fluent in English.

61 Short English to Urdu Sentences of Daily Conversation

Learning English grammar is very time-consuming and needs attention. Still, you can easily learn and speak English by using these short English to Urdu sentences which will amazingly help you in your daily conversation.

This is list number 1 of short English to Urdu sentences and in this list, you can learn many short sentences with their Urdu translations. These sentences are commonly used in our daily life routine.

O.K. بالکل ٹھیک۔
No, not at all. نہیں ہرگزنہیں۔
All right. سب ٹھیک ہے۔
Doesn’t matter. کوئی بات نہیں۔
Right now. ابھی کے ابھی
Not a bit. تھوڑا سا بھی نہیں۔
Yes sir. جی جناب
I am very happy. میں بہت خوش ہوں۔
Best wishes. نیک خواہشات
I am very sorry. مجھے بے حدافسوس ہے۔
It is all right. یہ بالکل ٹھیک ہے۔
It is too much. یہ کافی زیادہ ہے۔
Understand? کیا آپ سمجھ گئے؟
Never mind. کوئی بات نہیں۔
As you like? جیسے آپ پسند کریں۔
A pleasant journey. سفرمبارک
As you wish. جیسے آپ کی مرضی۔
Just coming. میں ابی آرہا ہوں۔
What did you say? آپ نے کیا کہا؟
Your good name? آپ کا پیارا نام کیا ہے؟
What is the matter? کیا معاملہ ہے؟
How do you do? آپ کا کیا حال ہے؟
See you again. پھرملیں گے۔

English to Urdu Sentences


In this list, we will teach you some WH sentences in Urdu and also some other common short sentences.

Where are you? آپ کہا ہو؟
How are you? آپ کیسے ہے؟
Cheer you. خوش رہو۔
No problem. کوئی مسئلہ نہیں۔
Be happy. خوش رہو۔
Have a seat. تشریف رکھیں۔
Come in. اندر آجاؤ۔
Don’t worry. فکر مت کرو۔
Be seated. تشریف رکھئے۔
Be aware. خبردار
Why not? کیوں نہیں؟
Take care of yourself. اپنا خیال رکھئےگا۔
It is very bad. یہ بہت بری بات ہے۔
I am very thirsty. مجھے سخت پیاس لگی ہے۔
It is very good. یہ بہت اچھی بات ہے۔
That is enough. کافی ہے۔
Are you thirsty? کیا آپ پیاسے ہے؟
Don’t mention it. اس کی فکرمت کریں
Help yourself. شروع کریں۔
Quite will. بالکل ٹھیک۔
He is my brother. وہ میرا بھائی ہے۔
Anything else? اور کچھ؟
What is Aslam to you? اسلم تمہاراکیالگتاہے؟

61 Short English to Urdu Sentences of Daily Conversation


In this list will learn common mixed sentences, negative, interrogative and simple short sentences with Urdu meanings.

No thanks. نہیں شکریہ
I know.    میں جانتا ہوں۔
I will say nothing. میں کچھ نہیں کہوں گا۔
Don’t waste time. وقت ضائع مت کرو۔
I didn’t speak. میں نہیں بولا۔
I don’t think so. میرےخیال میں ایسا نہیں ہے۔
Nice to see you again. آپ سے دوبارہ مل کرخوشی ہوئی۔
Where were you? تم کہاں تھے؟
Are you hungry? کیاآپ کو بھوک لگی ہے؟
Who is it? کون ہے؟
I am ready. میں تیار ہوں۔
Are you married? کیا آپ شادی شدہ ہیں؟
What do you want? آپ کیا چاہتے ہیں؟
What for? کس لئے؟
Did you understand? سمجھے؟
How old are you? آپ کی عمر کتنی ہے؟
Dinner is ready. کھاناتیارہے۔
What is your business? آپ کا کاروبارکیاہے؟
Not at all. بالکل بھی نہیں۔

61 Short English to Urdu Sentences

This blog has common and short English sentences with their Urdu meanings. Learning this kind of short sentences is easy and interesting you can easily improve your spoken English by learning these sentences and using them in your daily conversations.

Short Urdu To English Sentences PDF

Get the PDF book of these short sentences below and use them in your daily life with friends family and colleagues.

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