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53 Sentences of Order in Urdu and English

Sentences of Order in English with Urdu Meaning

Every day you learn a new lesson it makes your English better. Learning English through sentences is one of the easiest and best ways to enable you to speak English quickly. This blog will teach you a new lesson that will help you speak English while instructing or ordering someone. These English-to-Urdu sentences of the order are often used in our daily routine.

53 Sentences of Order in Urdu and English

Speaking English has become very important and it is the need of everyone so we are providing you with amazing lessons daily which will make your fluency better. If you want to order someone in English you have to know these order sentences. Just reading these sentences for once will not be enough you have to utilize these sentences in your daily life.


Phone me tomorrow. کل مجھے فون کرنا۔ Kal mujhe phone karna.
Keep everything ready. سب کچھ تیاررکھنا۔ Sub kuch tayar rakhna.
Don’t say like that. ایسی بات نہیں کرتے۔ Aisi baat nhe karte.
Sit down. بیٹھ جاؤ۔ Bait jao.
You stay there. تم وہیں رہنا۔ Tum wahi rehna.
Keep to the right. دائیں ہاتھ چلو۔ Daaye hath chalo.
Keep the fire on. آگ  بجھنےنہ دینا۔ Aag bujhne na dena.
Don’t go there. وہاں مت جاؤ۔ Waha mat jao.
Be punctual. وقت کی پابندی کرو۔ Waqt ki pabandi karo.
Keep pace with me. میرےساتھ قدم ملا کر چلو۔ Mere sath qadam mila kar chalo.
Leave it. چھوڑوں اسے۔ Chorho esay.
Don’t beat about the bush. ادھر ادھرکی باتیں مت کرو۔ Edher udher ki batain mat karo.
Be careful about your wok. اپنا کام ددھیان سے کرو۔ Apna kaam dehan se karo.
Give up bad habits. بری عادتیں چھوڑدو۔ Buri adatain chorh do.
Wait here till I am back. یہاں رکو جب تک میں نا آجاؤں۔ Yaha ruko jab tak me na ajaou.
Chew the food well. کھاناخوب چھبا کرکھاؤ۔ Khana khoob chaba kar khao.

53 Sentences of Order in English and Urdu


Mend your ways. خودکوسدھارلو۔ Khud ko sudhar lo.
Brush your teeth. دانتوں کو برش کرلو۔ Danto ko brush karlo.
Wake me up. مجھے اٹھا لینا۔ mujhe utta lena.
Don’t be silly. بےوقوف مت بنو۔ Bewaqoof mat bano.
Take care of the kid. بچے کادھیان رکھنا۔ Bache ka dehan rakhna.
Attend to the guests. مہمانوں کی خاطرکرو۔ Mehmano ki khatir karo.
Remind me tomorrow. مجھے کل یاد دلانا۔ Mujhe kal yad dilana.
Never lie. کبھی جھوٹ مت بولو۔ Kabhi jhoot mat bolo.
Mind your business. اپنے کام سے کام رکھو۔ Apne kam se kam rakho.
Switch on the fan. پنکھا چلا دو۔ Panka chala do.
Get ready. تیارہوجاؤ۔ Tayar ho jao.
Turn off the tap. ٹونٹی بند کرو۔ Tunti band karo.
Don’t delay, دیرمت کرو۔ Der mat karo.
Attend to your work. آپ اپنا کام کریں۔ Aap apna kam Karein.
Try this shirt on. یہ شرٹ پہین کردیکھو۔ Ye shirt pehen kar dekho.
Stop here. رکو یہاں۔ Ruko yaha.
Play with the kids. بچوں کے ساتھ کھیلو۔ Bacho k sath khelo.
Wash your hands. ہاتھ دھولو۔ Hath dho lo.

Sentences of Order in English with Urdu Meaning


Write it to me. مجھے لکھ کردو۔ Mjhe likh kar do.
Put your book on the table. اپنی کتاب میزپررکھو۔ Apni kitab maiz par rakho.
Don’t shirk work. کام سے جی مت چراؤ۔ Kam se jee mat churao.
Stop the car. گاڑی روکو۔ Garhi rokho.
Close the door. دروازہ بند کرو۔ Darwaza band kro.
Call Aslam. اسلم کو بلاؤ۔ Aslam ko bulao.
Serve the guests. مہانوں کی خدمت کرو۔ Mehmano ki khidmat karo
Don’t speak loudly. زور سے بات مت کرو۔ Zor se baat mat karo.
Read it. پڑھو اسے۔ Parho esay.
Come after me. میرے پیچھے پیچھےآؤ۔ Mere peche peche ao.
Ring the bell. گھنٹی بجاؤ۔ Ghanti bajao.
Put off your shoes. جوتے اتارو۔ Joothay utharo.
Tell me the truth. سچ بتاؤ مجھے۔ Sach batao mujhe.
Put on your shoes. جوتے پہنو۔ Joothay pehno.
Move aside. ایک طرف ہوجاؤ۔ Aik taraf hojao.
Come near. قریب آؤ۔ Kareeb ao.
Walk slowly. آہستہ چلو۔ Ahista chalo.
Don’t forget. مت بھولو۔ Mat bhoolo.

Sentences of Order in English with Urdu

Sentences of order are used in our daily life conversations while ordering someone to do something, we use different short sentences to order and tell someone what you want. These sentences mentioned above are used to order someone or to guide someone on what to do and what not to do.

Sentences of Order in Urdu and English PDF

Get the PDF lesson below and start memorizing these 50+ order sentences. We can use these sentences with our children and youngsters.

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