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50 Fruit Names in English and Urdu

Names of Fruits in English and Urdu

In today’s lesson, we will be learning the names of some common and exotic fruits that you might not have heard before. Each name below is also translated into Urdu so that it is easier for you to know what that fruit is. By the end of this blog, you will be able to recognize different types of fruits that are available all over the world and you will also have an addition or words into your vocabulary. This list of will help you to learn English in a better way.

To improve your overall health and to reduce the risk of having any type of disease you should consume fruits as they help to fight all the anti-oxidants. Fruits contain a vast amount of vitamins, and minerals and are also rich in fiber. It helps to boost your immune system and also is a great weapon against aging. Fruits also contain flavonoids that help to fight against the oxidants that cause different types of diseases.

This lesson will help you name different kinds of fruits in English properly and beautify your English skills. For the prevention of diseases, it is better to consume rich citrus fruits as they contain vitamin -C which is beneficial for fighting against bacteria.

Fruit Names in English and Urdu

This blog today will help you know the types of fruit you can choose to have a healthy diet and can help you later on improve your speaking skills and vocabulary.

In this blog today we will be learning some new types of fruits. There are many types of fruits we are not familiar with but in the following blog, you will be able to know about the fruits all around the globe and their Names in English and Urdu.

Fruit Names in Urdu and English List-1

This list has many fruit names that we daily utilize in our eating and we all can identify them when we see but we do not know their names in English.

Pomegranate انار
Orange کینو
Cherry چیری
Tangerine  ٹینجیرین
Persimmon جاپانی پھل
Hanepoot ہنی پوٹ
Malay apple مالائی سیب
Shaddock شیڈاک
Plum آلوبخارہ
Cloudberry کلاؤڈ بیری
Falsa فالسہ
Huckleberry ہکل بیری
Palm fruit کھجور کا پھل
Cranberry کرینبیری
Nance برازیلی بیر
Naseberry نیسبیری۔
Jambolan جمبولن
Coconut ناریل
Loquat لوکاٹ
Elderberry ایلڈر بیری
Soursop ساورسپ
Custard apple  شریفہ
Dragon fruit ڈریگن فروٹ
Jackfruit جیک فروٹ
Spanish cherry ہسپانوی چیری
Pumpkin قددو
Damson آلو بخارا
Sapodilla چکو
kiwano کیوانو
Jujube بیر
Sugarcane گنا
Shaddock شیڈاک
Jamun جامن
Dates کھجور
Strawberry اسٹرابیری
Jicama جیکاما
Satsuma  ست سومہ

Names of Fruits in English and Urdu

Fruits Vocabulary in Urdu and English List-2

This is a list no 2 of fruit names with their meanings in Urdu. these are delicious fruits which we want to talk about and name them in our daily conversations with many people.

Fig انجیر
Apple سیب
Feijoa فیجوا
Kiwi کیوی
Lychee لیچی
Apricot خوبانی
Melon خربوزہ
Olive زیتون
Goji berry گوجی بیر
Lemon لیموں
Papaya پپیتا
Avocado ایواکاڈو
Pineapple انناس
Quince سفرجل
Grapes انگور
Surinam cherry سورینام چیری
Watermelon تربوز
Banana کیلا
Monk fruit راہب پھل
Raspberry رس بھری
Passion fruit پیشن فروٹ
Black currant کالی کشمش
Sweet lemon میٹھا لیموں
Grapefruit چکوترا
Longan چینی لیچی
Peach آڑو
Blackberry بلیک بیری
Loquat لوکاٹ
Mulberry مل بیری
Cashew apple کاجو سیب
Tamarind املی
Grewia گریویا
Gooseberry کروندا
Muskmelon مسک میلون
Blueberry بلیو بیری
Tamarillo تماریلو
Pear ناشپاتی
Carambola کارمبولا
Mango آم
Red currant  لال کشمش
Guava امرود

50 Fruit Names in English and Urdu

Fruits are mostly eaten by everyone and we all get hungry when we see any kind of fruit. Naming different fruits in English is a little difficult as we don’t know their English names after reading this lesson you will be able to name fruits in English very easily.

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