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110 Phrasal Verbs with Urdu and English Meanings and Examples

Phrasal Verbs with Urdu and English Meanings

Phrasal verbs are the words that are commonly used in our formal texting. These words also come into use when you are taking your exams. Phrasal verbs are a mixture of two or three words that contain a verb and an adverb. In this article, you will be learning some of the important phrasal verbs that you can use in your speaking or in any essay. These words are very important to learn as they can help you with your English fluency and also in getting you the confidence to speak English.

110 Phrasal Verbs with Urdu and English Meanings and Examples

You can do verbal exercises with your sibling or friend and can learn 5 words daily with them. The words have been translated for you and there are sentences written for you so you can easily get to know where the words can be used and how they can be used in a specific manner.

Word Meaning Sentences
Abide by پابندی کرنا You have to abide by the rules of the gym.
Make fun of کا مذاق اڑانا You cannot make fun of him.
Add up تک کا اضافہ Let’s add up some more spice.
Back up حمایت دے I’ll back you up.
Agree with سے متفق ہوں She agrees with me.
Allow for کے لیے اجازت دیں۔ Will you allow for the night out?
Back away پیچھے ہٹنا She backed away quickly.
Break away بھاگنا The robbers broke away.
Call back واپس کال کریں۔ Can you call back?
Note down نوٹ کر لیں۔ Note down the questions.
Break up علیحدگی He recently had a breakup.
Carry on جاری رکھو Carry on with your work.
Count on بھروسہ I can count on you.

110 Phrasal Verbs With Urdu Translation And Their Use

Deal with کے ساتھ نمٹنے He will deal with it.
Carryover لے جا I don’t carry over my work problems in my private life
Drop in میں چھوڑ I’ll drop in here soon.
Even out یہاں تک کہ باہر He tried to even out the work.
Find out پتہ چلانا Can you find out this place?
Getaway دور ہو جاو He tried to get away with the problems.
Get off دفع ہوجاؤ Get out of the car.
Get together دعوت Let’s have a get-together.
Go through سے گزرنا Go through these books.
Hit back جوابی حملہ If someone hits me, I will hit them back.
Let down نیچے جانے دو Don’t let me down.
Look forward to خوشی کے ساتھ انتظار کریں یا توقع کریں۔ We will look forward to seeing you.

110 Phrasal Verbs With Urdu Translation And Their Use

Phrasal verbs are the combination of two words and they give a completely different meaning. These words help us convey our message in a better way and have a good conversation with others in different situations.

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