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100 Relations Names In English and Urdu

Relations Names In English And Urdu

Learn 100 Relations Names In English And Urdu and memorize each word carefully because these Relations names in English and Urdu vocabulary words are used daily.

100 Relations Names In English And Urdu

We use each of these family relations names regularly in different situations and most of us get stuck while talking about relations. Learning these vocabulary words is made easy for you and we have also mentioned the correct pronunciations of all these words so that you can learn their pronunciation as well. This lesson will help you beautify your spoken English. After reading this blog you can easily name relations in English. Do not neglect these words and memorize them for better fluency.

We have two kinds of relations from the mother side and father side and each relation mentioned here has its Urdu meaning and pronunciation so that you can easily understand them and pronounce them correctly.

Relation Names in Urdu and English List-1

In this list of relations vocabulary, we will discuss some common relations with their Urdu meanings and pronunciations.

English Urdu Pronunciation
Daughter-in-law بہو ڈاؤٹر انلا
Teacher استاد ٹیچر
Wife بیوی وائف
Mother والدہ / ماں مدر
Maternal Grandfather نانا مٹیرنل گرینڈ فادر
Son بیٹا سن
Uncle چچا انکل
Friend دوست فرینڈ
Maternal aunt ممانی مٹیرنلل آنٹ
Lover محبوب لور
Step-son سوتیلا بیٹا سٹیپ سَن
Daughter بیٹی ڈاؤٹر
Relative رشتہ دار ریلیٹؤ
Mother’s sister خالہ مدرز سسٹر
Brother بھائی برادر
Relation xرشتہ ریلیشن
Grandmother دادی گرینڈ مدر
Tenant کرایہ دار ٹی نینٹ
Nephew بھتیجا/ بھانجہ نی فیو
Step-sister سوتیلی بہن سٹیپ سسٹر
Adopted daughter گود لی بیٹی اڈوپٹڈ ڈاؤٹر
Guest مہمان گیسٹ
Grandparents دادا دادی / نانا نانی گرینڈ پیرینٹس
Father باپ فادر
Aunt چچی / تائی آنٹ
Brother-in-law بہنوئی برادر انلا
Landlord زمیندار لینڈ لورڈ
Son-in-law داماد سَن انلا
Pupil شاگرد پیوپل
Mistress میڈم / استانی مسٹریس
Client موکل کلائنٹ
Niece بھتیجی / بھانجی نیس
Patient مریض پیشنٹ
Customer گاہک کسٹمر
Adopted son گودلیا  بیٹا اڈوپٹڈ سَن
Heir وارث ہئیر
Co brother سمدی کوبرادر
Stepfather سوتیلا باپ سٹیپ فادر
Stepmother سوتیلی ماں سٹیپ مدر
Grandpa دادا / نانا گرینڈ پا
Father / dad / daddy فادر / ڈیڈ / ڈیڈی – باپ فادر / ڈیڈ / ڈیڈی
Sibling بہن بھائی سبلینگز
Twins جڑوا ٹوین
Infant شیر خور بچہ انفینٹ

Relations Names In English And Urdu

Relations Vocabulary in English and Urdu List-2

in the 2nd list of relations vocabulary we will learn English to Urdu vocabulary related different relations weather they are common relations or not we have to learn them in order to speak English correctly.

Bride دلہن برائڈ
Groom دلہا گرووم
Widow بیوہ ویڈو
Fiance منگیتر لڑکی فیونس
Ancestor آباؤاجداد انسیسٹر
Fiancee منگیتر لڑکا فیانسی
Married شادی شدہ میریڈ
Widower رنڈوا ویڈور
Tribe قبیلہ ٹرائب  
Divorced طلاق شدہ ڈیورسڈ  
Great grandmother پرنانی پرنانی

100 Relations Names In English And Urdu

We have different relations in our lives and all of them have different names in English so learning them will help you beautify your English skills and you can name the relations you are talking about. Names of relations vocabulary in English with their Urdu meanings will help you learn some new vocabulary words and use them in your English speaking.

Note: save the photos on your phone and practice them later.

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